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In early 2022, the seeds of Common Ground Forest Park (CGFP) were planted through casual conversations between neighbors. Inspired by residents who had worked collaboratively in the past to achieve important outcomes for Forest Park, including adding the neighborhood to the National Registry of Historic Places and capital campaigns to benefit Triangle Park, a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was launched. Its name, Common Ground, reflects the idea that, as neighbors, residents of Forest Park share a common space. But, beyond that, there’s an overwhelming sense of community in Forest Park, which includes a widely shared desire to maintain the neighborhood’s unique charm while thoughtfully caring for its people and places. By calling on the varied skillsets of neighbors, actively organizing projects and activities, and offering a vehicle through which fundraising may occur, CGFP hopes to positively impact the Forest Park neighborhood for many years to come. 

Please email us if you'd like to volunteer.

2024 Board of Directors

Jay Smith, President

Erin Bodden

Emily Schultz

Will Thistle

Community Building Committee

Brittany Raborn

Erin Letts

Rachel Phillips

Alexis Saville

Westcott Shaw

Shelley Tortorigi

Fundraising Committee

Betsy Pendergast

Laura Frasier

Suzy Lapi

Olivia Terenzio

Projects Committee

Stephen Collins

Pat Cornelius

Kendra Hall

Miranda Rogers

Triangle Park Improvements Committee

Nelson Brook

Jennifer Commander

Kate Hawley

Drew Langloh

Scott Schell

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